About me

I'm an Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of California, Santa Barbara

  I do research in linguistic description and theory, phonology, morphology, historical linguistics, language documentation, language and culture, linguistic typology, lexical semantics, lexicography, and Otomanguean languages

I completed my Ph.D. in 2014 in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin

For a short auto-biography about how I became a linguist, see my Featured Linguist page for the LINGUIST List Fund Drive 2015 


photo by E. Cruz

photo by E. Cruz

Recent events and news

Workshop on the Sound Systems of Mexico and Central America II, Mar 30 - Apr 1, 2016, Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas y el Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas de la UNAM. México D.F. Invited plenary talk: La tipología y la descripción de lenguas tonales: un estudio del chatino de Zenzontepec

LSA and SSILA Winter Meetings, Washington, DC, Washington Marriott Marquis, 7-10 January. SILLA special session: Paradigms found: Dialogic syntax as a grammar discovery method for field linguistics. Organizers:John W. Du Bois (UC Santa Barbara) & Mark A. Sicoli (Georgetown U.); talk: Dialogic resonance as a window onto grammar and culture: a case study in Zenzontepec Chatino (Abstract)

Typologie aréale et stratégies de relativisationPôle des langues et civilisations, INALCO, Paris, France, Dec 10-11. Invited talk: What's nu?: Relative prolixity in Zenzontepec Chatino (Otomanguean)

Special visit to Structure et Dynamique des Langues (SeDyL),CNRS, Villejuif (Paris), France. 

Dec 9, Invited talk: Grammar, culture and information structure in texts

Dec. 8, Invited talk: A typologically uncommon register tone system: unspecified low tone in Zenzontepec Chatino

114th AAA Annual Meeting, American Anthropological Association, Nov 18-22, 2015, Denver, Colorado. Special session on Interactional Approaches to Language Documentation. Title: What a difference a conversation makes: Dialogic Syntax and the structural description of unfamiliar languages, with John W. Du Bois

Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America-VII, Oct 29-31, 2015, University of Texas at Austin. Preliminary program. Title: La prodigiosa complejidad formal de los imperativos del chatino de Zenzontepec

Commands: the Twelfth International Workshop organized by Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald and R. M. W. Dixon, Sep 28-Oct 3, 2015, Language and Culture Research Center, Cairns Institute, James Cook University, Australia. Workshop program. Invited talk: (Commands in) Zenzontepec Chatino (Otomanguean)

A Night in Oaxaca, a grand MICOP fundraising event. August 15, 6:00pm to 9:00pm, Oxnard Performing Arts and Convention Center.

Workshop for speakers of Otomanguean languages: Taller de Gramáticas Pedagógicas de Lenguas Otomangues, Jul 22-Aug 10, 2015, Biblioteca de Investigación Juan de Córdova, Oaxaca, México

Taller de Lenguas Indígenas de México. Eric Cambell, Profesor del departamento de Lingüíistica, UCSB, Oficina del Proyecto Mixteco (MICOP), Oxnard, CA, Miércoles, 15 de Julio del 2015 6pm-8pm

21st Annual Conference on Language, Interaction, and Social Organization (LISO), May 30-31, 2015, UCSB

WAIL 2015, 18th Workshop on American Indigenous Languages, May 8-9, 2015, UCSB

Mini-posium on the Chatino languages of Oaxaca, Mexico, April 23, 2015, University of Texas at Austin. Title: The many ways to make an imperative in Zenzontepec Chatino

Workshop State of the Art of Mesoamerican Linguistics, Dec 6-7, 2014, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany. Title: The Zapotecan Languages (with Anthony C. Woodbury & George Aaron Broadwell)

Workshop for speakers of Otomanguean languages: Tercer Taller de Tonos: Fonética, fonología y tonología, June 17-27, 2014, Biblioteca de Investigación Juan de Córdova, Oaxaca, México (...en las noticias)

Ph.D. dissertation defense. Monday May, 19th at 10:00 AM. University of Texas at Austin, CLA 1.302C

Berkeley Fieldwork Forum (FForum), Apr 22, 2014, Department of Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley. Invited talk. Title: Exploring morphosyntax and culture in texts

Berkeley Phonetics and Phonology Forum (Phorum), Apr 21, 2014, Department of Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley. Invited talk. Title: Typological perspectives on the tone system of Zenzontepec Chatino

Colloquium, Department of Linguistics, University of Texas at Austin, March 24, 3:00PM. Unspecified low tone in Zenzontepec Chatino: an exception to tone system typology

Fifteenth Spring Workshop on Theory and Method in Linguistic Reconstruction, March 14-16, 2014, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Invited paper: On Zapotecan glottal stop, and where to reconstruct it

LSA 2014 Annual Meeting, Jan 2-5, 2014, Minneapolis Hilton. Paper handout: Probing phonological structure in play language: Speaking backwards in Zenzontepec Chatino

The Leipzig Valency Classes Project has made available the pre-release version of the Valency Patterns Leipzig Online Database (ValPaL), which includes the Zenzontepec Chatino valency dataset

Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America-VI, Oct 24-26, 2013, University of Texas at Austin. Paper: El juego de hablar al revés en el Chatino de Zenzontepec: pistas fonológicas

IV Coloquio de Lingüística Mauricio Swadesh: Debates en torno a la lingüística histórica indomexicana, Oct 16-18, 2013, Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas, UNAM. México, D. F. Invited paper: Sobre el desarrollo fonológico del proto-chatino

New article July 2013:  The internal diversification and subgrouping of Chatino. International Journal of American Linguistics 79(3): 395-420

Workshop for speakers of Otomanguean languages: Tono y Morfología - Construyendo el léxico en las lenguas oto-mangues, June 14-23, 2013, Centro Académico y Cultural San Pablo , Oaxaca, México


Colloquium, UC San Diego Department of Linguistics: Laryngealization: some descriptive, typological, and pedagogical perspectives. Friday 18, Nov.

LSA and SILLA Winter meetings, Austin, TX, Jan. 5-7, 2017. SSILA special organized session: The Relevance of Language Documentation to the Field of Linguistics: Case Studies Based on the Terrence Kaufman Collection at the Archives of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas. The importance of documentation for historical linguistics: A case study on Chatino (Otomanguean)